Coconut Banana Pudding
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Coconut Banana Pudding

  • Prep time 5 mins

With this creation, we have pulled off something that is rarely done. A HEALTHY DESSERT! This high protein, low sugar dessert is very satisfying and it makes the perfect after dinner or between meal snack.



  1.  Combine banana, cottage cheese, coconut milk, honey and vanilla in a food processor and puree until smooth. You can try pureeing in a blender however a food processor works best.
  2.  Spoon mixture into bowl and top with strawberries, pecans and toasted coconut, then serve and enjoy.


  •  Try adding 1 cup of mango, strawberry, or peach to the rest of the ingredients before pureeing for a different colour and flavour. Defrosted or fresh fruit will both work well.
  •  Dark chocolate chips or grated dark chocolate will take this dish one step farther and satisfy any sweet tooth.

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