Roasted Pear & Walnut Yogurt
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Roasted Pear & Walnut Yogurt

  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cook time 15 mins

This is a lovely flavoured yogurt with no sugar added. All the sweetness comes naturally from the pears, vanilla and cinnamon and it is a fantastic healthy snack



  1. Soak the walnuts overnight in slightly salted water, then drain and dry them.  This makes them more digestible and removes some toxins.
  2. Preheat a medium pan on medium heat.  Add the butter and then the pears and sauté stirring regularly until the pears are nicely caramelized.
  3. Cut the vanilla bean in half lengthways and then using the tip of your knife, remove the seeds from the bean.
  4. Add the cinnamon and vanilla seeds to the pears along with the water and stir very well.  Set aside to cool.
  5. Once cool, you can stir the pears into the yogurt along with the walnuts and store in the fridge.
  6. If you want to do a nice presentation, place the yogurt in the bowl, top with the roasted pears and garnish with the walnuts.


Apples work very nicely in place of the pears.

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