Spanish Potato Omelette
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Spanish Potato Omelette

  • Prep time 25 mins
  • Cook time 27 mins

Roasted garlic, onions and cauliflower are what boost the flavours of this tasty and simple dish. The recipe is a lighter version of a Spanish tortilla. You can bake the omelette in any casserole dish that is roughly 8 by 12 and it will turn out great.



  1. Brush the casserole dish with some butter or oil and set aside for the moment.
  2. Next pre-heat a large fry pan on medium heat.  Add the butter along with the onion and garlic and sauté until they begin to brown.
  3. Now add the cauliflower and sauté, stirring regularly until everything is nicely caramelized.
  4. Add the cumin seeds and sauté for another minute to toast and then transfer everything to a large mixing bowl.
  5. Add the steamed potatoes to the mixing bowl and gently toss to distribute the ingredients evenly and then transfer to the buttered casserole dish.
  6. Using the same mixing bowl, vigorously whisk the eggs, coconut milk, salt and paprika and then pour the mixture over top of the veggies in the casserole dish.
  7. Bake in a preheated 350° F oven until the eggs are cooked through and lightly browned on top.


  • If you want to take this ‘tortilla’ to the next level then add a generous portion of shredded Spanish manchego cheese on top just before you place in the oven.

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