Corporate Social Responsibility

Country Grocer is doing its part to reduce the carbon footprint.

Country Grocer is proud to be part of the CRD climatesmart program which will make us more efficient and competitive in our market place. Through hands-on training, climatesmart is helping us develop strategies to cut fuel, waste and energy costs, reduce risks and costs associated with carbon emissions, engage our team and earn professional development credits and allows us to contribute to community goals and take action on something we care about.

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Country Grocer Bowen Road — Did you know?

Our newest store features a Building Management System to manage the entire building’s Mechanical, Electrical and Refrigeration for efficiency.

The following are some examples of how this system works better than a traditional system.

Whenever you have a building with a number of heating and cooling units, they all have individual thermostats controlling them. In the case of a store such as our new Bowen Road store where there is a large area with minimal walls defining the space (air) there is overflow between the zones that each heat/cool unit manages. At any given time some zones may be asking for cooling, and some may be asking for heating, which is very inefficient…you are actually heating and cooling the same (large) space at the same time. With a Building Management System the computer will analyze what each unit is being asked for and will balance the building as a whole so that this does not happen.

Other features include reclaiming the heat generated from the refrigeration units and using it to heat the building’s hot water as well as the warehouse area.

The building and site lighting is also managed from the same system. The night shut downs and exterior seasonal changes are completely managed through the system with a combined timer/photo-electric device.

The operating status of all refrigeration and HVAC equipment is readily available on computer screen on site for any of the store managers as well as off site via internet for key personnel such as maintenance and repair services.

The entire system, including all of the refrigeration units can all be managed remotely, including adjustments, overrides, etc. allowing complete remote control of the system via any internet connection. Alarms are set up for refrigeration temperature thus preventing any loss of product. Monitoring and alarms indicate any mechanical issues with either the heat/cool systems or refrigeration units and thus help prevent any retail disruption or in some cases prevent any mechanical equipment damage.

The site was designed with storm water management system in keeping with the green rock subdivision to manage the bulk of the storm water ‘on-site’ through a series of bio swales, minimizing the impact that the entire subdivision has on the City Storm System.

Country Grocer Plastic Bags

Did you know that Country Grocer plastic bags are degradable? For more information on how degradable bags break down, visit for details.

Country Grocer Reusable Bags

Did you know that Country Grocer has reusable bags for sale every day for 99 cents each and insulated bags for $3.99 each? We also now have Country Grocer reusable lunch bags!

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