Spring 2024 Edition

In this issue, we’re diving deep into the heart of our operation, shedding light on the dedicated staff at our warehouse who work tirelessly to bring quality products to your table. Explore insightful articles covering topics ranging from essential health tips, like managing celiac disease and alleviating seasonal allergies, to uplifting stories about our community’s commitment to cancer care. Plus, don’t miss out on the scoop about local events happening nearby, keeping you connected to the pulse of our vibrant community. Dive in and enjoy the enriching content crafted just for you!

Winter 2023/2024 Edition

From an exclusive peek into Vancouver Island’s greenhouses to celebrating the completion of Habitat for Humanity’s latest housing project, we’re showcasing stories that resonate with the spirit of progress and compassion. Dive into insightful tips on nurturing hormone health naturally and stay updated on the vibrant local events happening in your community. Plus, join us in commemorating the remarkable achievements of our Royal Oak store. There’s something for everyone in this edition, so grab a cup of tea and immerse yourself!

Fall 2023 Edition

We’re thrilled to bring you an array of engaging articles that embody the spirit of community, compassion, and wellness. Get to know the managers behind our newest Cowichan Valley stores and discover how Help Fill a Dream is making a difference in the lives of Vancouver Island kids. Delve into expert tips on nurturing your tropical plants and get a sneak peek into this year’s season of Cookin’ on the Coast. Plus, learn about our Rooted in Care campaign with Broadmead Care, celebrate Island Good’s 5-year anniversary, and find a guide to speedy recovery from the common cold. Join us on this enriching journey through stories that inspire, educate, and uplift!

Summer 2023 Edition

We’re excited to share with you a diverse range of articles that celebrate community, wellness, and culinary delights. From honoring our Director, Peter Cavin, with a Lifetime Membership Award from the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, to supporting Cycle of Life Tours’ annual fundraiser for Vancouver Island Hospice Care, we’re showcasing stories that highlight the heart of our organization. Dive into tips for brightening your summer with annual flowers, navigating gluten-free options in-store, and exploring Chef Heidi’s innovative take on charcoal cuisine. Discover the power of antioxidants, meet Keith Woiden, the new manager of our Duncan store, and stay updated on local events happening in your community. Join us on this journey through stories that inspire and unite us all!