The Common “D”Nominator of Covid

By: Nicholas Whitmell, Nutrition Manager, Royal Oak

Now, more than ever, our health and immunity is of the utmost importance to maintain and monitor. This pandemic has taken a toll on people’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Exercise, meditation, and adequate sleep can play a big role right now. These areas of focus will improve your overall health and well-being, while we continue to work together to bring this pandemic to a halt. There is, however, another important measure you can take to limit your exposure to viruses and reduce severe symptoms if you were to contract the virus. Lets just say this is a little ray of sunshine we can all benefit from.

A large number of Canadians are Vitamin D deficient, especially here on the island where sun in the winter time is as rare as a BigFoot sighting. Researchers at a University Hospital in Santander, Spain found that more than 80% of patients that were hospitalized with Covid-19 were also deficient in Vitamin D. This vitamin plays an important role in our Immune system and overall health. It also protects our teeth, skin, heart, and blood vessels. The Sun is our best friend when it comes to Vitamin D, using UVB rays to convert our cholesterol into Vitamin D for our bodies to utilize.

Since the sun seems to be social distancing itself from us this winter, there are other methods you can take to ensure proper Vitamin D levels. Fatty Fish, Egg Yolk, Mushrooms and Dairy Products are all a good source of Vitamin D you can get naturally from food. However, a Vitamin D3 supplement is your best source to ensure you are getting adequate levels in our body. You should aim to get between 600-4000 IU a day for optimal health. Don’t be shy to aim towards the higher recommended dose.


















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