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Nutrition Notes from Nancy Howse, Bowen Road Nutrition Manager

Recently, we have all come under the new experience of this pandemic for nearly everyone on the planet.  COVID19 has placed a pall over life as we know it.  Nearly every day for the last while (and for the foreseeable future), implores us to pull back from the patterns of our everyday lives. Sifting through the fear and negativity of it all, trying to balance and separate new and valid information from the onslaught of conspiracy theories, fear mongering, hoarding, doomsday sayers, and the list goes on.  We have to rise up, do our part in this, be kind, respectful, and thoughtful.  We are all learning as we go.  We are more medically advanced than we were during all other pandemics.  We have more information about diseases and the spread of them.  We have more ammunition.  We also have amazing access to social media and all the darlings out there with their own ideas they are trying to put forth.

I have seen read articles where people are pushing their own distorted facts about this virus.  I have read articles where people are pushing their own agenda.  One of the most disappointing articles was about the “real” morbidity rate of this virus (which included seniors, immuno compromised, cancer sufferers etc).  Frankly, I was shocked that there are people out there who would think certain lives don’t count.  Absolutely every life matters.  We prove who we are in times like this.  It is also a dichotomy of life, that sometimes we have to be who we are not, in order to preserve who we are.  So, for now, we stay home, we practice social distancing, we take care of our needs, not our wants.  We get to prove how truly generous we are, how caring we are, and how kind we can be.  That’s not so bad!  Country Grocer has come out and shown who they truly are.  They care enormously for their staff, customers and communities,; but don’t take my word for it, ask anyone!  So, for now, while we may not be business as usual, we are still business at its best!

We are here to serve you in every way we can.  Speaking of that, our nutrtion aisle is up and running.  We are here to help you with your product selections.  We can help you with supplements meant to help strengthen your immune system, or supplements that help you cope with stress.  Nutrition is an important aspect of keeping healthy.  Many people are upping their nutrition game in order to be as healthy as possible.  It does not mean it will make you invincible, but it will definitely give you better ammunition to prevent or recover from some illnesses and stressful situations.  Good nutrition can contribute to overall resiliency whether it be physical or emotional.  Mindfully eating, decompressing in whatever way works for you, (well don’t get too carried away!  Ha ha.  I saw those Margarita recipes online), learning something new while we stay at home, can leave us with a sense of accomplishment.  This earth is getting a chance to breathe while we take a break, something else to ponder on.  In the meantime, let your good thoughts and funny jokes and kind words and good deeds touch someone instead of the old handshake or hug.  In closing, take your vitamins and eat your veggies.  Ta Ta











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