Fresh Mango Salsa
Recipe by Chef Heidi Fink
Heidi Fink

Fresh Mango Salsa

  • Yield Serves 4 to 8
Fresh Mango Salsa



Prepare the mango by cutting the two large sides off the flat pit, then peeling and dicing these small. Peel the remaining edges of the mango, cut off the two remaining strips of mango, and dice these small. You will end up with about about 500 ml (2 cups) of diced mango.

Place the diced mango in a medium bowl and all other prepared ingredients. Mix well to combine. Let sit for about 5 minutes before tasting to adjust the flavours. Your salsa may need more salt, or lime juice, or if your mangoes weren’t ripe enough (heaven forbid), you can add a pinch of sugar.

Eat and enjoy! Tortilla chips, tacos, quesadillas, bean soups, eggs, and also Vietnamese and Thai snack foods are all amenable to this awesome salsa.

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