Bloody Finger Hot Dogs
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Bloody Finger Hot Dogs

  • Prep time 25 mins
  • Cook time 10 mins
  • Ready in 35 mins

This is a very fun way to present hot dogs and they look eerily real. Serve up a platter of these dogs at a Halloween inspired event and you will get lots of compliments.



  1. In order to make the wieners look like fingers, you need to do a little carving with a paring knife before roasting the dogs in the toaster oven.
  2. Carefully with the tip of the paring knife, care the casing off of a dog in the shape of a finger nail.  Don’t carve too deep.  All you need to do is take off the thinnest layer which when cooked will change the colour and texture enough to make it look like a finger.
  3. Next you score some lines to make the knuckle joints.  Use your own finger as a reference of where to lay out the knuckles and cut shallow score marks.  Again once the dog is cooked, the cuts become more accurate looking.
  4. Finally, add a few more very shallow score marks (shallower than the knuckles) to create some wrinkles over the rest of the finger.
  5. Now roast the dogs off for about 10 minutes in a 400˚ F toaster oven or conventional oven.
  6. Place the heated dogs into buns and squirt ketchup to make them look as if they are bleeding.


You can use any hot dogs, but the Harvest brand ones are very tasty and a little bigger than others.

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