White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts

  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Ready in 20 mins

This is a fun and moderately healthy option for a Halloween. They look great on a mixed buffet along with the ‘Watermelon Monster Salad’ and ‘Bloody Finger Hotdogs’!



  1. First, chop the white chocolate into chip sized pieces.
  2. Find a mixing bowl that will sit on top of a pot to create a double boiler.  Add some water to the pot and heat on medium heat and then place the bowl on top of the pot.  Make sure the bowl is completely dry and then add the chocolate to the mixing bowl
  3. Let the chocolate melt, stirring occasionally and then remove from the double boiler and set aside to cool.  Be careful not to get any water in the chocolate.  Note ** this is especially true of dark chocolate.  Even 1 drop of water will ruin the batch and you will have to start over.  **
  4. After the chocolate cools a little, it is time to dip your strawberries.  Dip completely and then place, cut side down onto a piece of parchment.
  5. Now using a pair of tweezers or your dextrous fingers, place a chocolate sprinkle for each eye and the wait for the chocolate to harden.  You can speed this up by placing in the fridge.


Use dark chocolate instead of white, dip grapes, place onto parchment and then pipe some melted chocolate in the shape of legs to make “popping chocolate spiders” as per ‘Rutebega, the Adventure Chef”.

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