The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cook time 10 mins
  • Ready in 30 mins

After tasting this creation, I wondered why anyone would want to go out for breakfast if they knew how to make this sandwich. It is awesome and a perfect Sunday brunch kind of go-to.



  1. Cut the scone in half horizontally so that it can begin receiving all these amazing ingredients.
  2. Next I like to apply the avocado and red onion on the bottom half of the scone.
  3. Heat a medium or large fry pan on medium heat.  Add the bacon and cook on both sides until it is just how you like it.
  4. If there is enough room in the pan you can cook your eggs at the same time.  Otherwise you can wait until the bacon is cooked.  Make sure that the pan is clean enough for you eggs and give it a quick clean if necessary.  You can reserve the bacon fat to cook your eggs in though!  I really like over-easy eggs for my breakfast sandwiches.  They are messy, but delicious.  Cook the eggs how you like it though.
  5. Place the cooked egg on top of the avocado and onion.  Top with the cooked bacon, cheese and tomato.
  6. Spread a generous portion of mayo on the top of the scone and then apply as much hot sauce as desired.
  7. Time to get messy and enjoy!

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