Tandoori Chicken Wrap
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Tandoori Chicken Wrap

  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cook time 20 mins
  • Ready in 35 mins

Sometimes just one amazing product is all it takes to create a delicious meal. Well this wrap has two!!! The Salt Spring Tandoori Chutney and the Little Qualicum raclette make this wrap amazing with very little effort!


  • For the slaw:


  1. Drizzle the chicken breast with a little oil and then liberally season with salt, pepper, turmeric and paprika.  Bake in a 420° F oven until cooked through.  About 18-25 minutes.
  2. Cool the chicken breast and then slice very thin against the grain.  Set aside
  3. Mix all of the ingredients for the slaw in a mixing bowl and stir to combine.
  4. Now let’s build the wraps.  Layout as many wraps as you are going to make on a clean work surface.
  5. Add sliced cheese first, then layer the chicken on top of the cheese and finally add a liberal amount of slaw.
  6. Carefully fold over the ends and then roll the wrap from bottom up to the top.  Make sure to get it as tight as you can without tearing the tortilla.
  7. Now preheat a large fry pan on medium high heat.  Add a little oil and a pad of butter.  Once the butter is melted place the wraps, folded side down into the pan and brown on all sides.
  8. Serve warm and enjoy.


This wrap would still be good without the tandoori chutney, but not nearly as amazing…so you could save some money if you had to.

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