Pulled Brisket Sandwich
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Pulled Brisket Sandwich

  • Prep time 12 mins
  • Cook time 4 hours

This recipe gives you an awesome healthier alternative to Sloppy Joe’s. In fact it kicks Sloppy Joe’s right in the pants.



  1.  This is optional but adds lots of extra flavour.  Brown the roast on all sides in a large preheated fry pan on medium heat.
  2.  Now place the roast into the slow cooker and then add the onion, garlic, tomato, broth, hoi sin, chilli powder and pepper.
  3.  The roast needs to be at least ¾’s covered with liquid to braise properly, so add water if necessary to achieve this. Set on high and cook in the slow cooker covered for 4 hours.
  4.  A fork should easily cut into the roast when cooked. Once cooked turn the slow cooker off and let the roast cool in the liquid for at least 30 minutes.
  5.  Once cool, remove roast and transfer liquid to a wide base pot or fry pan and boil on high. Reduce down until liquid begins to thicken and becomes saucy.
  6.  While the liquid is reducing, ‘pull’ the meat off in the natural strands and then chop into bite sized pieces if necessary. You can also take off chunks of the roast and squeeze and roll between your fingers until it separates.
  7.  Return the meat to the reduced sauce, stir and serve on your favourite bread or bun. Serve it as is or with your favourite sandwich fixins.


  •  Add 1 tablespoon of curry powder to the broth for a distinctive curry flavour.
  •  Serve this on top of cooked brown rice or lentils with some broccoli and cauliflower for something a little more special.

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