Molé Spice Rub

It does not get much easier to add great flavours to your cooking. Use this spice rub for a new twist on a lot of things. Molé spiced chicken wings or roast chicken, Molé beef roast or steak, Molé spiced eggs, even Molé spiced hummus. It’s a super easy and tasty way to add some new flavour to life.



  1. Mix all of the spices together in a mixing bowl andstir very well to combine.
  2. If you are adding the spice rub to meat, then do sojust before cooking.  Apply liberally andthen cook using the desired method.
  3. Be careful not to burn the spices.  Cooking with a little lower heat than normalcan help with this, but still remember to preheat the oven, pan or BBQ beforecooking your meat!
  • PREP 5 mins


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