Wilted Arugula and Quinoa Salad

This is a warm salad perfect for a spring/summer day. We add the quinoa right from pot along with the warm corn in an effort to wilt and soften the arugula.



  1.  While the quinoa is cooking get everything else ready for the salad.
  2.  Add the arugula to a medium sized mixing bowl.
  3.  Preheat a small fry pan on medium heat and then add the butter and corn. Once the corn is hot, season lightly with salt and pepper and then transfer to the bowl with the arugula.
  4.  Once the quinoa is cooked, add to the mixing bowl as well. Now add the feta, oil and vinegar. Toss to combine.
  5.  Season to taste with a little salt and pepper and then serve warm and enjoy.
  • PREP 10 mins
  • COOK 20 mins


  •  For a little extra flavour, sauté ½ cup of diced onions in the butter before adding the corn.
  •  Additional spices are always welcome. Try paprika or cumin for a start.

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