Whole Wheat Pasta Salad
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Whole Wheat Pasta Salad

  • Prep time 25 mins
  • Cook time 15 mins

This is a hearty and healthy pasta salad using whole wheat fettuccini and lots of veggies. Use this as the starch and veggie portion of a meal and just add protein for a complete meal.



  1.  Cook your fettuccini till it is just el dente and then cool immediately under cold running water.
  2.  Strain the water very well, transfer to a mixing bowl and then give it a drizzle of olive oil so that it does not stick together.
  3.  Pre-heat a large fry pan on medium heat. Add a little oil and then the zucchini and onions. Sauté stirring regularly until everything is nicely browned.
  4.  Add the kale along with a couple tablespoons of water and sauté/steam until the kale has wilted. Transfer to the mixing bowl with the pasta.
  5.  Add the tomato, parmesan, olive oil, lemon juice and zest and then add a couple pinches of salt and pepper. Give a good toss so that everything is evenly distributed and give a taste to check the seasoning.
  6.  Serve and enjoy!


  •  1 tablespoon of garlic can be added to the zucchini and onions just before you add the kale for a great flavour addition.

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