Ruby Red Beet Soup
Recipe by Chef Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Ruby Red Beet Soup

  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cook time 1 hour

Beets are one of nature’s nutritional all-stars and this soup showcases how amazing their colour is too! Even if you are not a beet fan there is a good chance that you will love this soup.



  1.  Preheat a large pot over medium heat.
  2.  Add leeks and 3 tablespoons of the coconut milk. Sauté until most of the coconut milk has evaporated.
  3.  Add remaining coconut milk, broth, ginger, cinnamon and beets. Bring mixture to a gentle simmer and cook until beets are soft, approximately 1 hour. Remove from heat for a couple of minutes to cool.
  4.  In small batches, carefully puree soup in a blender starting on low. Add pureed contents back to the pot.
  5.  Stir in honey, salt and pepper. Pour into bowls and enjoy or divide into storage containers and freeze to be enjoyed later.


  •  Valentine’s Day Option: Place ¼ cup of sour cream into a small squeeze bottle and just before serving decorate your soup with hearts or a special note for a loved one.
  •  Serve with a dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt. For kids place sour cream or yogurt into a squeeze bottle and let them decorate everyone’s soup.
  •  Add a serving of protein such as cooked lamb or chicken to soup.

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