White Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse

Here is an incredibly yummy option to the traditional pumpkin pie. Velvety smooth and creamy with all those holiday flavours…enjoy!



  1.  Mix the pumpkin, ¼ cup whipping cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar in a medium pot on medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring frequently with a whisk.
  2.  Cut the chocolate into small pieces and then stir into the hot pumpkin mixture until it has melted and is completely incorporated.
  3.  Transfer to a mixing bowl and place mixture into the fridge and chill completely. About 2 hours.
  4.  Now remove from fridge and fold in half of the whipped cream until completely incorporated and then fold in the second half.
  5.  Serve in a wine or martini glass or just a bowl and then top with some grated white chocolate (cheese grater) and cinnamon.
  6.  Enjoy!
  • PREP 2 hours 10 mins
  • COOK 5 mins


  •  Not so big on white chocolate or already have dark chocolate at home then go ahead and substitute.
  •  Stir a couple of heaping tablespoons of the mousse into a hot cup of coffee for a pumpkin latte. Top with whipped cream, shaved white chocolate and cinnamon for a gourmet drink.

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3 thoughts on “White Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse”

  1. star-rating-image
    October 4, 2020
    Made this wonderful delicious recipe yesterday. So easy, so flavorful, a delight to the tastebuds.
  2. star-rating-image
    December 17, 2021
    Disappointed in how bland it tasted. Next time will try more brown sugar and lots more seasonings.

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