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About Coffee

    Coffee is a wonderful thing! There is nothing like grinding fresh beans and making a hot cup to enjoy.
    The bean:
    It all starts with the bean and it’s important to buy shade grown, direct fair trade, organic whole beans for the best tasting coffee and more importantly for the well being of the planet. Those three terms are quite often synonymous with each other and one designation often means it is all the others too! The brands that are available at Country Grocer and that I recommend are as follows in no particular order:
    Kicking Horse Coffee
    Salt Spring Island Coffee
    Best Gourmet
    Gulf Islands Roasting Company
    Tribal Java Coffee
    Level Ground Coffee
    Creekmore Organic Coffee
    All of these beans are roasted in B.C. and some of them even on the island! I find the quality and freshness of all of these brands to be quite good and I am happy buying any of them (whichever is on sale!). Buy beans when your current stash is very low to keep them fresh. Consuming beans within 2-3 weeks after roasting is ideal.
    In my opinion there are only 2 roasts to use…medium or dark. A medium roast should be a medium dark brown in colour and a dark roast a little darker, but the big difference being it should have a nice oily sheen on it. I prefer dark roast, although it is a touch more bitter than medium.
    I use a French press. No need for a big expensive coffee machine. If at all possible, grind your fresh beans just before you brew. Dirty equipment will impart a rancid taste into your coffee, so clean your French press with hot soapy water and rinse well on a regular basis. Wipe out your grinder with a soapy cloth and then wipe again with a rinsed cloth several times. Soapy coffee is obviously not very good! These tips will ensure a perfect cup every time.



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