Purely Salt Spring

My Story
Genevieve Price and her family arrived on Salt Spring Island in the mid ‘80s on a house-hunting mission from rural Calgary. Her artist parents were on a mission to find a more sustainable way of life for their young family.
The ride over on the ferry and the port at Fulford Harbour nearly sealed the deal. After a day of touring beaches, lakes and possible properties to own, they were convinced Salt Spring Island was like no other place on earth. Now nearly 30 years later Genevieve has started her own family on this gem in the Pacific Ocean.
Living in an environmentally conscious community shaped Genevieve into the businesswoman she is today. She grew up splashing in streams, swimming in lakes and learning about underwater eco-systems from tide pools. Climbing trees instead of jungle gyms, running though forests instead of streets and watching the stars instead of television has shaped her love and appreciation for all things natural.

It is her love of nature that keeps Genevieve conscious of the impact of each decision she makes within her business and why she strives to find solutions for you in yours.

One of Genevieve’s biggest concerns is our society’s excessive use of plastics. Some of the more obvious concerns are the great garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean & Hawaii’s Garbage Island, but the debris she sees washed up on the shores of her island home are a daily reminder that we just don’t get it yet. These are all driving forces behind her quest to eliminate the excessive and wasteful use of plastics by mankind.

Purely Salt Spring is committed to reducing waste created by individual amenities often found in Hotels and on Cruise Ships. The business encourages the use of stylish wall mounted dispensers. The dispenser eliminates the need for individually packaged products. Individual amenities often get tossed only partially used and are usually filled with products full of preservatives and synthetics, which also contribute to pollution in our waterways. Purely Salt Spring’s product line is Sodium Laurel Sulphate and Paraben Free and is scented with Essential Oils. They are produced in BC eliminating the footprint left behind from her competitors imports.

Genevieve and Purely Salt Spring are taking the lead in the industry and are pressuring Hotels and Cruise lines to make eco-minded choices in their business practice. Changing to a bulk hotel amenities line like PURE will eliminate 100,000’s of plastic bottles going into our landfills or worse the ocean.

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