A story lies behind this line of fine, hand made, award winning, specialty cheese. It is one rooted in the wisdom of simpler times.

Natural Pastures story is about green meadows, happy cows, fresh thinking and age-old cheese making traditions taking place in the lush landscape of Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley.

Natural Pastures specialty artisan cheeses are known for having a unique, delicious taste or “terroir”, developed from the fresh, pure milk which the pristine soils, waters and pastures produce here in the Comox Valley” comments Edgar Smith, “We only use fresh milk produced on our selected Heritage Dairy Farms, which practice sustainable farming and animal stewardship. The designation means that the farmers must be good stewards of the land. The animals are stress free and live in healthy environments. Because the cows eat the local grass and herbs, generously watered by Pacific Ocean-soaked rain, the milk used to make the cheese has its own “terroir” or distinct flavour. The term is familiar to wine-makers, where different regions have their distinct terroirs.

Teamwork triumphing over adversity is a theme throughout our journey in producing world-class, medal-winning, delicious cheeses. Brothers Phillip, Edgar and Doug Smith, they operate their third generation family farm in the Comox Valley as well as Natural Pastures artisan cheese production in the city of Courtenay. They are a small, specialty cheese producer born out of adversity, turning to cheesemaking in 2001 to find a home for their exceptional quality milk produced in the Comox Valley.

Their selected Heritage Dairy Farms (HDF) are committed to environmental sustainability, and the natural wildlife habitat has been enhanced. Their enhanced stream habitats raise thousands of wild Coho Salmon each year. Their pure, fresh milk complements Natural Pastures artisanal cheese-making traditions which are managed by Doug Smith and Paul Sutter, head cheesemaker, leading their dedicated team to capture the essence of the unique flavours of the privileged environment of Comox Valley with their fine artisan handmade cheeses. Edgar notes that “Natural Pastures Cheese Company’s world-class cheeses are due in part to the traditional Swiss training and professional accreditation of their cheesemaker, originally from Switzerland, and to the consistent and hard work of all the employees of Natural Pastures at our federally inspected production facility in the city of Courtenay.”

Proud members of the Conservation Partners Program (CPP).