Portofino Bakery

Portofino Bakery is a wholesale bakery located on the Saanich Peninsula.  Started in 2001 by Jaap Verbeke as a retail bakery in Broadmead Village. In 2004 with multiple requests from customers for wholesale orders, Portofino acquired a small wholesale bakery and shifted its entire production to wholesale.  It was at that time that Jaap joined forces with Ian and Wayne Fatt (local Businessmen) to expand and grow the business even more.  Since then the bakery has moved to two different locations and has gone through 3 renovations to keep up with production.

Portofino Bakery is known for its large line of Artisan breads and buns, most popular being the Peasant loaf and Pretzel Kaiser Bun.  Portofino’s product line has increased over the years through customer feedback and requests.  They work hard to increase the health benefits of their breads by reducing the amount of salt and preservatives used as well as substituting agave syrup and coconut oil for sugar and canola oil.

Portofino has a small line of Vancouver Island Loaves, these breads are made with wheat that has been grown on the island by local farmers.  Once the wheat is ready to harvest it is then milled into flour at Portofino’s own onsite mill.

Find out more about Portofino Bakery on their website: http://www.portofinobakery.ca/