What started as a dream of wanting to help dogs to eat healthier is now a successful real life business for dogs, cats and bunnies!

Love of Dogs and Cats Organic Treats began in 2010 in Victoria, BC. They are a team of innovators, Registered Animal Health Technologists, forward thinkers and animal lovers who care what you are giving your dogs as a treat. They wildly crafted their Pro Line Dog Treats to be organic and non-GMO, wheat, dairy, soy and egg free, vegan and infused with organic hemp seed oil for added health benefits. Love of Dogs’ Pro Line Organic Dog Treats are plant-based (with the exception of pollen and cedar); therefore less likely to cause skin allergies or irritation to their tummies. The Pro Line Treats are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory dense, Canadian, organic and vegan with prebiotic fibre that nourishes your dogs’ gut, thus immunity!