Ron and Kelly have lived in Nanaimo and have operated Falling Leaf over the last 18 years.

Ron’s experience working for three different Vancouver Island Lawn and Garden Wholesalers over 25 years, helped him realize that Island gardeners wanted good quality, locally sourced,  natural fertilizers.  Their product line consists of natural based liquid fertilizers targeting the edible garden. It’s Natural, It’s Safe and It Works, is their belief! Their most popular item’s would have to be their Westcoast line,  Fish Fertilizer, then Seaweed Extract, Tomato Food, and Cal-Mag Boost. They also carry Blooms for the flower growers. 90% of the ingredients that make up our liquid fertilizers come from British Columbia, with  the remaining 10 % coming from Canada.

Kelly and Ron started out, after working at their day jobs, they would fill bottles one at a time , as well as apply the labels by hand.  Since the early days they have expanded their shop and have an automatic labeler as well as a bottling plant. However, it still remains a two person operation.