Since 1999 when large scale commercial processing of chicken left Vancouver Island, consumers have had very little opportunities to purchase Island grown poultry, and new meat inspection laws in British Columbia threatened to put the few remaining processors out of business by 2006. Farmhouse Poultry was established to provide small scale poultry farmers a fully compliant facility to take their poultry for processing, and to provide Island consumers with the opportunity to choose a variety of Island grown poultry choices at select grocers.

Vancouver Island families are once again able to purchase fresh poultry right here, on Vancouver Island, from farmers who are our friends and neighbours. The Farmhouse Poultry label means that our fresh locally grown poultry products have been processed in our brand new facility, the only provincially inspected poultry plant on Vancouver Island and the first facility in BC to meet the new British Columbia meat inspection laws.

Ensuring and protecting our local food supply capabilities is increasingly important in a world where the control of our food system is more than ever determined by politics and corporate decisions made somewhere else. By buying Vancouver Island grown poultry, Island residents can support our local farms and keep agriculture viable on our beautiful island.

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