Don Galey purchased 50 acres of farm land in the late 1930’s and he became the 9th permanent resident of Cordova Bay. The farm began as a small dairy, and Don delivered milk by horse and wagon. After clearing land by hand, they started to grow crops in the late 1940’s. And they weren’t alone; from the late 1800’s through to the 1960’s, Saanich had upwards of 100 farms. Today, there are only a handful.

In the 1960’s, Don and Mary sold the dairy and started an egg farm. In 1985, Ray and Gordon Galey moved the farm from Cordova Bay to the beautiful Blenkinsop Valley.

Galey Farms now grows thousands of tonnes of produce annually for the people of Vancouver Island, on 300 acres at several Victoria area locations as well as the Blenkinsop Valley. The future of farming depends on people who support local sustainable agriculture. Education is the key to success!

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