Born and raised in British Columbia Susan always had a passion for gardening, food, animals and the beautiful outdoors. Raised on an 180-acre Agricultural farm was the beginning of why she is here today growing Microgreens in her micro-mini farm.

Getting her hands back in the dirt is what gets her up in the morning.  Some have a Cuppa Joe and others… well, just need Mother Nature’s fine soil.
The Microgreen passion grew when she was introduced to them in July 2016.  She can’t stop educating herself on the mini greens and is so intrigued by how much nutrition is packed into such tiny plants. She has read and researched day after day and invites you to try her tiny plants that she has grown with both love and integrity in only 360 square feet of awesomeness… aka “The Micro-Can”.
Her recent addition is Lettuce leaves and she is now growing a specialized lettuce in combination with the pea shoots and Sunflowers to make a lovely Salad Mix that she calls Leaves & Shoots Salad Mix.