West Coast Micro Greens

West Coast Micro Greens Inc. provides specialized farming consulting, installation, equipment and educational services. They work with communities, schools, governments, non-profit organizations, urban farmers and commercial growers to achieve better results in farming. Their goal is to share their patented growing system and form a network of micro farms internationally that provide a reliable source of local, organic produce. In achieving our vision, they will cut back on freight and storage costs while heavily reducing the impacts of food miles for their consumers. They provide a highly efficient, sustainable farming system that can be established anywhere, from a rooftop to a parking lot, their micro farm systems capitalize on underutilized space.

Their philosophy? Why spend money on produce when you can easily grow it yourself? Whether you are subsidizing your monthly food budget or you simply want to grow your own herbs, vegetables or greens, micro farming is not only economically viable but it can be the perfect antidote to modern life and all its fast paced, stress inducing, social concerns. Growing your own food will not only save you money, it will give you a greater appreciation for the quality of produce that you consume on a daily basis, as well as provide you with a deeper connection to your environment and what is being produced seasonally. Whether you live in an apartment building or on a farm, our system of growing is an intuitive, easy and efficient.

Look for their delicious Micro Greens at our Victoria locations.

Eatmore Sprouts & Greens

Their mission is to provide fresh, locally grown, organic sprouts, year-round in the Comox Valley and beyond for a happier, healthier planet.

Eatmore Sprouts is a family run business, and owners Glenn and Carmen Wakeling have two wonderful kids who have been raised eating sprouts and greens. The Eatmore family includes 45 employees, some who have been with Eatmore for over 10 years.

Glenn and Carmen are committed to organic food production and they are enthusiastic about local organic farming. “We love what we do because we are able to feed people in British Columbia and the Western Provinces 365 days a year!”

Hardy Buoys Smoked Salmon

Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish Inc. was founded in 1994 by Bruce and Carol Dirom. What started as a hobby, a way for Bruce to supplement his young family’s income has evolved into one of the largest employers in Port Hardy.

Gerard’s Specialty Foods

Gerard P. Burg
1934 – 2017

Gerard’s Specialty Foods Ltd. is a family operation, started in Lake Cowichan in the summer of 2012. Our Founder, President and CEO, Gerard Burg (Gerry) was a Master Pastry Chef, with over 60 years experience and actually developed his concept of ‘beef strudel‘ in his native country, the Netherlands.

He was born in 1934 and lived in Holland during the Nazi occupation. He began his training at the age of 14 years. By the age of 19 years, he won First Prize in the prestigious Brussels Fair, with a 5 foot chocolate and sugar statue of a bull fighter on horseback and a bull. Gerry went on to Africa where he was a Chef on the famous Blue Train. Meanwhile, his family has emigrated to Canada; he joined them in 1958 and quickly acquired his first job as Chef in the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. He went on to own three companies, taught at Georgian College and finally moved to Vancouver Island in 1998.

He continued with his craft, creating breathtaking wedding cakes, crafted in the old style of European masters. (some of his amazing cake samples are still on display in his office.) But he had always dreamed of creating a business with his delicious strudels and with the help of family, he finally pursued his dream in Lake Cowichan.

Gerry’s brother-in-law is our Vice-President, Graham Brawnell. Born in Vancouver, he grew up on a cattle ranch in B.C.’s Interior. He eventually owned Tinit Manufacturing and from this business he gained manufacturing knowledge to Gerard’s’. He is in charge of Inventory, Shipping and Receiving.

Secretary-Treasurer and Office Manager is Gerry’s widow, Glenda, who brings organization to our company. She has had a varied career, including real estate and civic celebration management. She has written a book about her family’s adventures on their cattle ranch.

Glenda’s son, William Osborne, who was trained by Gerry to assume the leadership, is now our President and CEO. He joined the company with an interest in franchising our company in the future. He was our Director of Sales & Marketing.

William’s partner, Dana is our Director of Product Development and is currently overseeing Sales and Marketing until we appoint a replacement.

Gerry’s twin, Father Joseph Burg, has joined our Board of Directors.

Better Seafood Supply Ltd

Welcome to local and sustainable seafood sourcing for Victoria and Vancouver Island. They serve Vancouver Island restaurants and Country Grocer with a full range of the best our local waters have to offer.


Living with a condition, Paul had a need for optimal nutrition and was struggling to find a tasty, nourishing drink, powered by natural goodness.

After a visit to his local natural grocer confirmed there was nothing available that checked all the boxes, he knew he was on to something: Paul laced up his apron and fired up the blender to boost his own well being.

Paul needed a team to realize his vision, so he reached out to friends and the team ‘rumbled’ to life.

On the journey to bring the product to market, Paul’s health deteriorated to the point that he required oxygen 24/7, and was ultimately forced to undergo a life-saving double lung transplant.

Just one year after the operation, Paul completed the 140KM Tour de Victoria in honour of his donor.

After a few years of hard work and determination from the whole team, Paul was thrilled to finally make Rumble available for everyone at grocery stores across Canada.

Soon after, Paul and the team successfully pitch to the Dragon’s Den on national television catapulting Rumble into coast to coast distribution.


Purica is the coming together of “Pure” and “Care”. From its inception, the name was meant to reflect the natural purity and quality of the products and the comprehensive care put into these formulations. The Purica mission is to empower their consumers to live life to the fullest with these natural supplements and positive lifestyle solutions.

Purely Salt Spring

My Story
Genevieve Price and her family arrived on Salt Spring Island in the mid ‘80s on a house-hunting mission from rural Calgary. Her artist parents were on a mission to find a more sustainable way of life for their young family.
The ride over on the ferry and the port at Fulford Harbour nearly sealed the deal. After a day of touring beaches, lakes and possible properties to own, they were convinced Salt Spring Island was like no other place on earth. Now nearly 30 years later Genevieve has started her own family on this gem in the Pacific Ocean.
Living in an environmentally conscious community shaped Genevieve into the businesswoman she is today. She grew up splashing in streams, swimming in lakes and learning about underwater eco-systems from tide pools. Climbing trees instead of jungle gyms, running though forests instead of streets and watching the stars instead of television has shaped her love and appreciation for all things natural.

It is her love of nature that keeps Genevieve conscious of the impact of each decision she makes within her business and why she strives to find solutions for you in yours.

One of Genevieve’s biggest concerns is our society’s excessive use of plastics. Some of the more obvious concerns are the great garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean & Hawaii’s Garbage Island, but the debris she sees washed up on the shores of her island home are a daily reminder that we just don’t get it yet. These are all driving forces behind her quest to eliminate the excessive and wasteful use of plastics by mankind.

Purely Salt Spring is committed to reducing waste created by individual amenities often found in Hotels and on Cruise Ships. The business encourages the use of stylish wall mounted dispensers. The dispenser eliminates the need for individually packaged products. Individual amenities often get tossed only partially used and are usually filled with products full of preservatives and synthetics, which also contribute to pollution in our waterways. Purely Salt Spring’s product line is Sodium Laurel Sulphate and Paraben Free and is scented with Essential Oils. They are produced in BC eliminating the footprint left behind from her competitors imports.

Genevieve and Purely Salt Spring are taking the lead in the industry and are pressuring Hotels and Cruise lines to make eco-minded choices in their business practice. Changing to a bulk hotel amenities line like PURE will eliminate 100,000’s of plastic bottles going into our landfills or worse the ocean.


NutriStart™ was founded in 1997 to provide you with the most effective nutritional supplements to help you achieve an optimal healthy lifestyle. The company started with NutriPods and gradually evolved into a full line of products.

Moonshine Mama’s Tonics and Elixers

I remember the day in March 2011 when my doctor delivered her news: stage 3 cancer. The diagnosis piqued me to consider my next steps. I had complete faith that by combining conventional and alternative treatments I could create wellness for myself.

That faith was the spark that has lit my path ever since.

In addition to walking, exercising, doing breathing techniques and visualizations, and receiving massage and acupuncture, my diet changed. I began juicing, eating about 50% raw, and taking a combination of supplements.

My immune system was completely depleted, and that needed to change if I was going to heal. This awareness spurred me to research. All of the research consistently pointed to four potent ingredients: ginger, lemon, honey and turmeric. They all have anti-inflammatory properties, are high in anti-oxidants, and are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

I added these ingredients to my diet every day, in anyway I could.

Of the four, turmeric is the power horse! It is the most researched substance on the planet right now with oodles of evidence pointing to its anti-tumour properties.

After using dried turmeric for a while, I came across turmeric root in a market. It was the first time I’d seen it, and I inspected it thoughtfully. Plain brown with a radiant orange inner flesh. As I wrapped my closed hand around the finger-like root, I felt an instant connection!

It came home with me, and the experiments began!

My desire was to create a way to consume all four ingredients every day―easily and enjoyably! I decided to combine them into a concentrate.

Over the next few years, I obsessed over perfecting the concentrate without compromising its simplicity or its vigour. At the heart of our product is turmeric, ginger root, and freshly squeezed lemons. No sugar, just raw honey.

My next lesson was learning how to activate the turmeric so that the curcumin―turmeric’s active molecule―was fully absorbable in our bodies. Curcumin is fat soluble, so I also had to learn how to emulsify the coconut oil in the liquid to make the curcumin bioavailable. That was a challenge!

As I learned how to extract the most medicinal properties out of the ingredients and combine them in a way that is easiest for your body to absorb, the recipe would tweak and increase in potency! Yet it had the same zesty freshness and a piquant kick with every sip.

We now have four flavours to titillate taste buds and a number of new blends in the test kitchen! Turmeric Elixir, Turmeric Lime, and Sour Cherry Elixir are staples. Winter Warrior, our seasonal concoction, is available from September until the local elderberries run out!

Since those first few batches, Moonshine Mama’s has become a family business employing my husband, my daughter and five wonderful friends. We are available in multiple stores on the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and in Toronto.

We still love what we do and we create Moonshine Mama’s one batch at a time, one jar at a time, for health, wellness and enjoyment.