Top Sirloin Steak with Fresh Tomato Corn Salsa

Enjoy this fresh tomato and corn salsa on top of a grilled top sirloin steak. This recipe is something different and a great way to impress your family or friends with your awesome cooking skills.



For the salsa:

  1.  Combine all of the ingredients for the salsa together in a bowl and stir to combine. Prepare in advance if you like and store in the fridge.

For the steak:

  1.  Lightly coat your steaks with olive oil on all sides and then season with salt and pepper to desired taste.
  2.  Pre-heat the frying pan or BBQ to medium high. Cook the steak 4-6 minutes per side depending on the thickness and desired temperature. If cooking in a frying pan, cover with a tight fitting lid.
  3.  Allow the steak 5 minutes to rest in a warm place after cooking and before cutting, as this will give the juices a chance to re-absorb into the meat.
  4.  Serve with a big portion of the salsa and your favourite veggies and enjoy.
  • PREP 15 mins
  • COOK 15 mins