All Country Grocer locations adhere to the Island Health COVID-19 recommendations for the health and safety of our staff and you, the general publish. Below are the current restrictions that are mandated by Island Health for our locations. Please be respectful of our staff and fellow customers. If you have concerns regarding anything discussed on this page, please contact us directly. For more information regarding COVID-19 and Island Health, please visit

BC is currently under a province-wide indoor mask mandate and as such, all Country Grocer locations require all of our patrons to wear a mask or appropriate face covering. The complete press release can be seen here

We thank you for your kind understanding.

Country Grocer General FAQ

Q: Do you currently have any employees with COVID-19?
A: Yes, we currently have one employee from Salt Spring. Their last day worked was November 7th, 2021.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask inside Country Grocer locations?
A: Yes. There is a province-wide indoor mask policy to help stop the spread of COVID-19. All customers ages 5 and older are required to wear a protective face covering regardless of vaccination status.

Q: Do I need to show a COVID-19 vaccine passport to enter your stores?
A: No.  Grocery stores are exempt from requiring customers to have a passport.